I’m pleased that my company Tactix4 has won two awards from The Information Sharing Challenge Fund, a Department of Health initiative funding ideas that change the way information is used and shared between different organisations.

Two NHS Trusts bid with Tactix4 demonstrating that our ideas showed value for money that could easily be adopted by other NHS organisations as part of the NHS Interoperability Toolkit (ITK).

Rebecca Todd at EHI reports that The Luton and Dunstable award is to work with Tactix4 to implement ITK ADT support for the Wardware opensource nursing observation platform. Wardware delivers an electronic observation system with National EWS support that results in medical teams having easier access to patient observations.

It has been a pleasure to work with Anne Thomson of the electronic observation implementation team and others at L&D to make Wardware a successful project for the trust, helping to prevent cardiac arrests and reduce avoidable deaths.

Wardware is a strong supporter of openness in healthcare IT; the integration components that we develop will be opensource so that other products and services being developed can build with ITK compliant interoperability in mind.