Brent council says use of Mydex’s online personal data service will improve the quality of information it holds on us residents, allowing us to see if the information Brent holds on them is up to date and accurate.

Mydex’s mission is to help individuals realise the value of their personal data. They do this by providing individuals with Personal Data Stores and related services. Personal Data Stores help individuals gather, store, manage, use and share the information they need to manage their lives better. They provide individuals with tools to control what information they share with which people and organisations, when.

Brent are one of broad range of participants from across the public and private sectors taking part in the Mydex Community Prototype.

I’m really pleased that Brent is opening us access to data; I’m even more pleased that the programme to open up access to personal data is using the MyDex service as I believe that Mydex is the best way of retaining ownership and control over personal data as it flows from individuals to organisations.

Dane Wright, ICT strategy manager at Brent council, stressed that the initiative is still very much in its infancy, but added that the council has started inviting citizens and staff who live in Brent to register with Mydex.

Now, how do I get an invitation?