"The local elections are in the shadow of the general election," said Andrew Stunell, chair of the Liberal Democrats' local election campaign team, reports the Beeb. Locally, the Labour team are focused the parliamentary campaign. What little local material they have published and distributed has been discredited and retracted. The Lib Dems are emphasizing the local campaign, highlighting the work of Lib Dem councillors in the wards.

The local election promises to be more exciting than the race for Brent Central. Will Labour regain the Council from the Lib Dem / Conservative coalition? Will the Lib Dems gain more councillors, sufficient to gain a majority (32 seats) and control the whole council? Perhaps the Greens, fielding candidates in every ward in Brent, will gain a seat on the council.

These graphics show the political makeup of Brent Council after the 2006 Local elections and subsequent local by-elections.

Source - Brent Council website.