The North West Two Residents Association held its AGM on the 22nd April at the Windmill Pub on Cricklewood Broadway.

NW2 began in September 2007 as a group local residents who wanted to improve the sense of community in the Cricklewood area. As Carol Granger, Committee Chair, writes “The Association was founded first to try to improve the sense of community in the area and provide opportunities for people in the neighbourhood to get together, and to get to know each other and maybe help each other out; but also to improve the appearance of the area (litter, graffiti, etc); to try to improve relationships with Brent and the officers who look after services for the area; try to make sure Cricklewood didn’t stay the Cinderella of Brent / Barnet / Camden. I think we only have to look around to see evidence that it is all working.”

NW2 thanked local Lib Dem Councillors Hayley Matthews, Chris Leaman and Sami Hashmi for their support and commitment to the group. The councillors have attended neighbourhood walkabouts and acted on local issues raised by residents and helped secure WardWorking funded for NW2 projects.

The full reports from the AGM are online.