Local residents group North West Two are now using Fix My Street to file reports with Brent Council. I’ll be working with the other residents groups in my area to get links to FMS on all the community websites I can.

Fix My Street (FMS) is A LOT faster and easier than using the Brent Council reporting system. All I need to do to report via FMS is enter the street name, choose the right street and then write up the problem. It’s certainly easier than burrowing through Brent Councils website to find the right e-form to complete when all I want to do is report a broken paving slap or some dumped rubbish.

Using FMS is a great way of making public the problems that are reported to Brent Council.The openness of this tool could reduce the number of duplicate issues reported to the council. I wonder how long it’ll be before Brent adopt a similar method of receiving reports from residents.