Towards the end of term at Goldsmiths I participated in a huge number of half-baked surveys and poorly designed questionnaires. Still, that’s my own fault for saying ‘Yes’ to all the last minute BA Sociology / Psychology students, desperate to get some data to evaluate for their assignments. The E-benchmarking survey for CELT, on the other hand, was a focused piece of qualitative research using interviews with students to benchmark e-learning activity at Goldsmiths.

I’ve posted the full transcript of the interview on my wiki if you’d like to read it.

My key messages to CELT were:

  • more bandwidth on campus and in halls of residence as the disconnection of students is lamentable
  • more student participation on so that we can originate content
  • less (hopefully no!) attachments on - I hate downloading PDFs and word documents to read some text that could have been displayed in the web page… especially when the download is not something I am going to edit, like, say, a reading list or a course timetable.
  • working and useful interfaces to resources such as the library catalogue

I await the complete report from CELT to see what other feedback there has been and to see what recommendations have been picked up.