I’ve been occupied with my Study of the Political for most hours of the last quarter of 2006 and have had precious little time for anything other. My blogs BEC and STMP have not been updated in months… a sad state of affairs really. Furthermore proposed boundary changes and my moving plans mean changes! Brent East will no longer exist so BEC will need to be revised. Sarah Teather may no longer be my MP with the obvious implications for the STMP blog….

So I’m consolidating my online presences and merging my blogs. I’ve imported all articles from BEC and STMP along with my personal tech/politics blog into this site: robdyke.com/noc. The NOC stands for two things: Network Operations Centre and No Overall Control. These two definitions are linked; I continue to develop and nurture networks, both socio-political and technological and I continue to be interested and engaged with London Borough of Brent politics. And as we know, there is No Overall Control of Brent Council.