After reading (and posting) Shahrar’s email I got thinking about what other information about parking and PCNs issued I could request from Brent Council under FoI.

How many of us have been issued a ticket because of a simple honest mistake, like, say, scratching off the wrong day on a parking voucher in error, or perhaps forgetting to note your registration on a temporary residents permit? Well that’s me on both counts.

How many of us have been issued a parking ticket due to an error on the part of the parking warden, like, say for example, parking a commercial vehicle in a resdential street contrary to local restrictions when no contravention could have occured as you were not driving a commercial vehicle and there were no such local parking restrictions? A bit of specific example I realise… Yes, me again.

When I make an honest mistake Brent Council will not hear your pleading and will not yeild their power to strike out the ticket, leaving you to either pay the PCN or meet Brent in court. Yet when a Brent Council Parking Warden makes a similar simple honest error, power is yielded and PCNs are cancelled.

I wonder if I Brent have data on the number of tickets that that they cancel each year due to warden error… What is of greater interest is whether Brent collect data on number of appealed tickets due to an error on the part of the driver. And can I get it?