I posted recently on what could be done next with this journal. “wither b.e.c?” i asked. well, new projects are on the horizon. I’ve been working on a community information network project with Colin George, Chair of QPARA and Director of MarketSpark (publisher of the excellent Local Directories for Brent residents associations). We see a need to weave links between associations and organisations active in Brent and an opportunity to develop such a network in the light of the demise of Brent Community Empowerment Network.

MarketSpark and Comwifinet are working together to augment and extend community network links through a varitety of mediums. The Bonnet Project is the working title of our efforts.

Because the Brent Community Empowerment Network is no longer with us, BrAVA have a large stack of cash to put towards a community consultantion project or give back to Brent Council. Perhaps BrAVA will see it to support the Bonnet Project? Who knows…

Visit the website, register yourself and your organisation, participate.