I think we are all voted out. When I say ‘we’ I mean the 37.26% that voted. And for the rest of you? election fatigue or political fatigue disconnected, not apathetic? we’ll see. so, wither bec?

much more to be done.

I write this weblog and others as I am practicing what I preach: web technologies really reach people. And for new web technologies that goes double. Static, maintenance heavy websites are no good, for the providers and the users. Many technologies are out of reach for individuals and organisations, by price or by size. Self-publishing tools such as wordpress (that powers this blog) and joomla (used by QPARA and BEST, two Brent resident associations) can empower people. Publish newsletters and write websites with a single effort. Mange mailing lists and distribute meeting minutes with information provided and updated by the user, not the valuable resource of a membership secretary or an administrator.

get internet tools.

comwifinet, the organisation I work for, has been working with residents associations and community groups around london, providing community groups and campaigners with internet based tools for communication. we provide training in a collaborative workshop environment to help with the adoption and growth of these tools.

need internet tools? get in touch rob@comwifinet.com