I can see people reading this blog. There have been 216 of you this last week and 48 readers so far today! Are you voting, Brent people? Who are you voting for? Why? Why vote at all? Got any comments? After all, it’s Your Council for Your Street and Your Services - Are you having your say?

Me? Of course I’ve voted! I’ve supported Team Yellow in my ward, Mapesbury (Look for the Bird!). When I got to my polling station I spoke to the Team Red vote recorder who was sitting outside - I was the first ‘young person’ through the doors that day… and it’s not like I’m an early riser! Where are the Brent Youth - have the biggest unsigned group in the UK not got their act together? Voting too difficult - i know, i know, making an x in a box…too taxing…..? Anyway - 18-24? Do you care?

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