I was emailed a copy of the Queen’s Park Conservative Action Team campaign materials yesterday. Arwh, they are so smiley! not meanleanbusinessy-looking like some of the candidates in their campaign materials. So friendly looking I almost misstook them for the Greens!

Anyway… The photos, I noticed, were all taken in the Brent Conservatives office on Walm Lane. No ward walking for this lot! Where others have posed mid-reporting-a-local-grot-spot (sorry Sarah), the QPCAT (!) have opted for ‘about the office’ poses.

But….over the weekend my extra-day was interrupted by the Brent East Conservatives BATTLE BUS! ROCK ON! I wish I’d had my camera at the ready to capture the sight: A bright red double decker bus, still with the advertising posters for a film or something, with a brent Tory screaming down a megaphone: VOTE JACK SAYERS! VOTE CONSERVATIVE ON MAY 4TH!. It reminded me of Fridays Greeen Wing - the political ambitions of Dr Alan Statham broadcast from a small car: Come back here! Listen to me! Vote for me! etc etc….. You probably had to have been there…..**