I was sitting out my step, enjoying a smoke in the evening air, when Jack Sayers walks up the drive out on the campaign trail delivering leafets. Jack has been a Councillor since 1990 so he is looking to be returned for the fourth time by this ward. The leaflet introduces us to the other two Conservative candidates, Khalid dar and Jennifer Brown.

Speaking of police… The Conservatives leafet compares the size of the Safer Neighbourhood teams in Conservative run Barnet Council to Labour run Brent. Brent’s Safer Neighbourhood teams are “about half” that of Barnets. Now, I’m not sure of this, but I had understood that the deployment of police resources were not a  matter for the council but for that of the Borough Commander for the Met.

The Compassionate Cameron Conservatives have plans for saving £1.2m in Brent Council - savings they think they can make in the machine without impact on service delivery.