Noticed more people in yellow safety jackets walking around the streets recently? On Friday last week I saw a member of the Brent Council Street Care team out ward walking in Mapesbury. He was monitoring the recycling collection from both the kerb side boxes and the green wheelie bins - check we residents were using the service and using it correctly? checking up on the contractors? don’t know - either way his purpose was to be highly visible in the ward. Suit, yellow jacket, Brent Council Street Care printed on the back in big letters? A visibility exercise in the ward prior to the ward hustings tomorrow and the Mapesbury Residents Associations (MAPRA) Annual General Meeting?That’s probably just the skeptic in me… …but then this afternoon….

This afternoon I met PC Phillip Pask from the Mapesbury ward Safer Neighbourhoods Team. He was cycling around the ward when we met on Walm Lane. High visibility policing - these are the beat bobbies that people have been clammering for. And policing with the time of day. Great to have 10 minutes of talk with our community police officer because we both had the time - rather than because I had my house burgled.

Anyway. PC Pask and Sargent O’Hara, who leads the team, are both based at Queen’s Park police station. you can call them: 02087212962 or send the team an email and they will add you to their distribution list for local police information.