brent council collect and publish lots and lots of information. i’m not talking about informtion that is about a person, like say census or tax information. I’m interested in the information that Brent Council spend a lot of time and money on collecting and verifying and organisaing and publishing about local organisations and projects, events and activities. and I’d like to get at it !

Brent Council publish the Brent Magazine and also the Brent Brain website. There are also lots of other directories of businesses and services scattered around Brents interfaces with the public.

At present community groups, residents associations and other organisations need to collate information from Brent Councils many websites and printed publications and work out by hand how to store and sort it, manage and display it. I’m hoping that Brent Council can improve this situation.

For every list or directory or calander that Brent Council produce I’d like to see them produce a feed of that data for third sector organisations to connect to so that they can reuse the data that has already been computerised and sorted by the Council.