what’s happening with the stop the tower campaign? I’ve not received any emails from Barney nor have I picked up other campaign materials in the QP area these last weeks. i have seen that the Liberal Democrats are making a local election issue out of the QP tower plan - and with Cllr Davies being against, Cllr Nerva chairing a panel and Cllr Sayer making the decision, political representation from Team Red is lacking a bit too. As for Team Blue and Green I don’t know where they stand - but there is the opportunity to have an impact of these candidates over the coming weeks with some campaigning.

I have resurrected the Brent East Campaigning blog that I ran during the 2005 general election. it can be found at http://bec.robdyke.com - there I am posting and commenting on the topics that candidates seize upon as issues to campaign on in the Brent East area. but the site also has a wider purpose of supporting other/any campaigns in the Brent / Brent east area. stopthetower.co.uk is one of those campaigns. I have linked to the official site and the old blogger dot com website. but the official website is lacking in content and updates. I would like to help in bringing the stopthetower website up to date in order that this resource could be used as an information resource and campaigning tool both now during the run up to the local elections and in immediate aftermath (?) of the count.

I am prepared to do this in two ways. one I will upload copies of recent news letter and other articles to the website - to populate it, give it some bones and help the resource get started. I am then prepared to train some people in how to use the site and the tools. Some have had training and I am prepared to give others more in order that they can embrace and be empowered by these internet tools in their campaigning. Others who have used email services like HotMail will already have the skills to use the tools. I can help and support the use of them and the use of them will augment and extend the traditional methods of campaigning that are currently in use.