I’ve been introduced to the musical activism of Warsaw Pack by a friend this last couple of weeks. I’ve got hold of their two albums - Gross Domestic Product and Stocks and Bombs. They rock. Hip-hop, jazz, groove, funk, rock - mixed and blended. And lyrics that cut through the blingtastic, egocentric, soulless celebrity shit that you wade knee-deep in all along Oxford Street.

Go visit the website and listen to ‘Attention to Deficit’.

Their record label, G7 Welcoming Committee, is one that “politically radical bands and speakers could unflinchingly support and call home”. The label operates as a collective, along anarcho-capitalist participatory economics' lines.

“As a rogue independent media outlet, our goal is to spread the word, as it were, on radical politics through music, words, and other weapons of mass sonic destruction, while maintaining the right to rock out to good tunes at the same time.”

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