So, did you get your Preferendum from George ‘Rainbow’ Weiss last week? You can’t have missed it: it was an A3 sheet of paper folded to A4 and covered with text. What was curious about the materials was the lack of photographs - no pic of Rainbow George, no pic of Tony Bush and George Blair.

A preferendum is an experiment in participatory democracy. The Vote for Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket party is encouraging the electorate to vote not only for their candidate but also for the policies of the party should it be elected to form a government. The preferendum distills the policies of Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and UKIP onto a single sheet of paper (a feat in itself!) and invites the electorate to indicate by a YES ONLY option the issues important to them.

We are all invited to join the ‘futuristic, mystically directed Rainbow Connection Movement and the Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket for a five minute wonder online on 5th May - visit

For further information on the V4YRDT visit

For further information on Hydatum The Publishers, visit

And if I can work out how to get the Preferendum sheet scaned to present it online I will do so.