I commented that there would be more on the Labour Party Brent East News ‘Delivering For You’.

One thing I noticed was that Tony (Blair not Benn) doesn’t feature on the campaign material. There are three photos of Ken ‘Red’ Livingstone - Labours prodigal son - and a photo of Tony Benn (Old ‘Old Labour’ - sorry Tony) in that upright but slightly reclined pose that he does so well. Another Old Labour party member, Diane Abbot, is quoted in support of Yasmin.

When you couple this with Yasmins anti-war, anti-terror legislation, pro-human rights stances, you get the picture of a Labour candidate in complete and full disagreement with the leadership of the party she is standing for. Is this a sign of Labour 2.0 (its like saying ‘New’) running out of steam when candidates are distancing themselves from the leadership of their party?

I mentioned a rumour that Team:Yasmin were to be in Queen’s Park cafe on Wednesday afternoon. Anyone have their lunchtime interputed by the campaign train pulling into the park? I hear Tony Benn was there supporting Labours candidate for Brent East. From the reports that I received it was a great ‘Audience with…’ with Tony and his anecdotes being well received by a cross-demographic audience.