Chris, a reader of this blog, writes:

Hi Rob,

Maybe you were there tonight. If so, I’m wasting your time. If not, highlights included: Kwasi (who, incidentally, and I appreciate this is always the luck of the draw, is the only candidate I have seen campaigning in the streets) being compared to Boris Johnson; a nice Irish chap pointing out that some Candidate for Kilburn’s Beleaguered Motorists (really? I have not been canvassed, but I am willing to believe) might cull the vital few hundred votes in a very tight campaign; Yasmin saying she’s one of those people who constantly gets parking tickets and forgets to pay and has to pay the extra (she must be made of money); and Yasmin saying she was all for the replanting of Brondesbury’s lost trees because the environment is vital, and oxygen is important (I do not think the questioner was envisaging a rainforest).

There was the the usual knickers in twists over tactical voting (Conservatives had 10% last time; Lib Dems had 10% the time before; we want PR anyway; you’re not voting for a local MP, so vote New Labour to keep the Tories out, because the margin’s really small, actually, promise it is). Got the usual feeling that many constituents are labour voters faced with extremely articulate and personable LibDem and Conservative candidates.

The Candidate for Kilburn’s Beleaguered Motorists… is that Michele Weininger? I’ve still not hearded anything about this candidate - any info readers?