The candidates from Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are all highlighting crime in their campaigns.

  • But do we need ‘more police on patrol to make our area safer for all’? (Sarah Teather - Standing Up For You)
    • Has the fear of crime ‘increased’ in Brent? (Kwasi Kwarteng - In Touch)
      • Is ‘crime and the fear of crime and issue for every neighbourhood in London’? (Yasmin Qureshi - Mapesbury Labour News) If you’d like to see the crime statistics for Brent, the Met have great interactive map, but data looks better as text only.

        But do the stats tell the whole story? You’d kind of expect ‘incident count’ crime statistics to increase; I’m not saying that crime is impossible to reduce, just that there could be externalities to the data: a population increase in a borough for example. I’m looking for a crime rate per capita index and other data sets, and if I find any I’ll share them. We can find stastics for just about anything but I’m having trouble finding a dataset on ‘fear of crime’…