Those active in local civil society and engaged in their neighbourhood were out at St. Gabriel’s Church on Walm Lane on Thursday night for the Mapesbury Residents Association Annual General Meeting. MapRA is a large and active group of neighbours all commited to woking for the benefit of the Mapesbury community. Attendance from the membership of MapRA is good and the nave of church was full.

I had expected to see Sarah Teather there: She was there last year, speaking on some of the activities that she, as the local MP, had beeen working on with MapRA and other people from the neighbouorhood. And while I expected to see other candidates, I had not expected a full house!

I was seated was on the second row of seats and I could see Yasmin on the opposite side of the asile on the front row. Sarah Teather was on the row behind her. Shahrar Ali was further along the front row, few seats away from Yasmin. I had a quick look around me.

Reds? Check.

Orange? Check.

Greens? Check.

Blue? Blue?

“Where is Kwasi?” I said to E “I can’t see Kwasi Kwarteng”.

The gentleman in front of me turned round, extended his hand and said “I’m Kwasi Kwarteng, Hello”. Shaking his hand I said “Hello, I’m Rob Dyke”. He spluttered out “Oh, your Rob Dy… I’ve read your…..Oh…..Ho ho……” and then turned to E and introduced himself to her before turning back in his seat.

So we’ve answered the little question I posed earlier this week.