On the back of the Mapesbury Labour News distributed by Yasmin at the MapRA Annual General Meeting there is a list of ways to contact Yasmin: By phone: 020 8969 4550, By email: info@yasminqureshi.co.uk, By writting to: 102 Liddell Gardens, Kensal Rise, NW10 3QE.

I checked out the domain www.yasminqureshi.co.uk to see if there was a website. I had hoped that there would be a vibrant source of information about Yasmin and the Labour Party but alas there was nothing but a holding page - " This website is currently under construction and will be available soon"

There are only 13 days to go till the election!

For £200 Yasmin could have used the Labour Party ‘Web in a box v2.0′, the ‘easy to maintain website building tool for the Labour Party family (the 2.0 bit is instead of saying ‘New Web in a box’).