From Channel Election 2005 site.

‘Labour has placed its hopes on lawyer Yasmin Qureishi, who is openly anti-war in her selection process. But like many Labour candidates in what was Labour’s urban core support she is going even further to regain disgruntled voters by opposing the policies of the prime minister.

She told Channel 4 news: “I’m one of those people who has their own mind, their own independent mind, and I make my own decisions.” In fact, Qureishi has written to Brent East’s Muslim voters distancing herself from the war, from the government’s approach to Guantanamo Bay and opposing the recent moves on house arrest of terror suspects.

It puts her well at odds with the person she wants to put back in Downing Street.’ From

The C4 story raises an interesting question. Is Yasmin, with her beliefs so at odds with the leadership of the party that she supports, going to be able to win votes at this election? Can one be pro-Labour AND anti-War/bring the troops home/pro-human rights/anti-detention without trail as Yasmin appears? Riding two horses at the same time is impossible.