Since starting this blog I have met the candidiates from Labour, Greens and Liberal Democrats ‘out and about’ in Brent East. I’m still waiting to see Kwasi out and about… Strange not to have seen the Conservatives. During the by-election of ‘03 they were very visible in this constituency - I remember vividly meeting three party workers on Exeter Road who, after I had asked them for some of their campaign materials, cornered me to drill in their message. I made a lucky escape by distracting them - ‘look! someone has dropped a penny!’.

Yasmin, Sarah and Shahrar are all out on the beat - where is Kwasi? Or has Conservative central office decided that, with such a low-level of support in this area, this seat is not worth investing resources in fighting.

(Perhaps the reader of this blog from Conservative Central Office would care to email me or press the comments button?)

Fellow Brent East residents! If you see Kwasi Kwarteng around in the constituency please let me know! If you have received any election campaign materials from the Conservatives in your letterbox, please get in touch and let me have a copy.