Election 2005. You know its coming. I know its coming. It has been trailed more heavily than a Lord of the Rings movie. You probably think its all happened already given the amount of comment and analysis in the media. Slow news year?

Because of my own interest in seeing increased participation from citizens in the upcoming election, I’m running another blog between now and ‘the day’ focusing on the Brent East campaign. I see information as crucial in the making of informed choice by the electorate so I’m going to be propagating what comes from the candidates standing in this constituency.

During the by-election in 2003 I couldn’t get through my door some evenings late in the campaign due to the leaflets delivered. I had to swerve to hit, erm, miss several of the candidates while cycling around the area that September. For this general election I’ll be scanning and posting all the materials that come through the door. I’ll also try and post news articles and other materials as they arise to this blog. And if I hit any candidates while cycling I’ll post here about that too.

I’m welcoming contributors from my fellow Brent East constituents. Write, email or fax the candidates. Ask them the questions you want answers to on the issues that you feel strongly about. Share those conversations here in this blog.