10 Good Reasons to vote Liberal Democrat from http://www.libdems.org.uk/.

Read about Sarah launching the Lib Dem poster campaign.

WE OPPOSE: Putting targets first

WE PROPOSE: Putting patients first

WE OPPOSE: Tuition fees & top up fees

WE PROPOSE: Scrapping student fees

WE OPPOSE: Compulsory I.D. Cards

WE PROPOSE: Spending the money on 10,000 more police

WE OPPOSE: Selling your home to pay for care

WE PROPOSE: Free personal care for the elderly

WE OPPOSE: Ignoring climate change

WE PROPOSE: Cleaner transport & cleaner energy

WE OPPOSE: £1.5 billion on the child trust fund

WE PROPOSE: £1.5 billion towards reducing class sizes

WE OPPOSE: Means-testing pensioners

WE PROPOSE: £100 extra per month starting with the over 75s

WE OPPOSE: Hidden tax increases

WE PROPOSE: Only one tax increase - on income above £100,000 per year

WE OPPOSE: Unfair council tax

WE PROPOSE: Local income tax, saving typical households £450 per year

WE OPPOSE: Bush & Blair on Iraq

WE PROPOSE: Never again