Sarah launched a text poll on tuition fees. Describing tuition fees as an unfair tax on students, Sarah said “Tuition fees will be one of the key issues to many at the forthcoming General Election. Many people are now suffering horrendous levels of debt because of Labour’s broken promise on this issue.”

The Liberal Democrats are committed to scrapping tuition fees. To pay for free higher education they will introduce a 50p tax rate on incomes over £100,000.

But is that what we want? To vote text either:

libdem scrapfees yes

libdem scrapfees no

…to 60300.

It’s an issue close to my own heart as I’m current ‘in hock’ with the state for £4k already after one and a half terms of study. So assuming I can afford the 25p text charge (+ my operators charge) I’ll be sending libdem scrapfees yes.