In the Kilburn Times this week, Sarah features three times on the letters page.

She is pictured with staff from the New Deal Communities group announcing further measures to curb anti-social behavior in South Kilburn. Residents of estates in South Kilburn are being urged to report drug-dealing to Crimestoppers and Crime Concern to reduce the high drug crime rate of the area.

There are two letters relating to an award presented by Sarah reported in the October 20th edition of the paper. Now, I can’t seem to find either a link to the original story or a news article on the BELD… …so I’m a bit blind on the detail for this. From what I’ve gathered…

Sarah, invited to attend an awards ceremony as a special guest, presents an award to an ‘offender’ (ex-offender?). She gets some flack for not supporting “lawful people” in the words of Brent Cllrs Duffin & Beswick.

But as Name and Address Supplied points out, it was Dr Roselle Antoine of TCS Tutorial College, Kingsbury, who nominated the ‘offender’ for the award citing ‘tremendous work in the face of extreme difficulties’.

If anyone has a copy of the original story or a link to something, please mail me. Any comments? Post!