Available for download from Sarah’s website is the LDs pre-manifesto “Freedom Fairness Trust'. It’ll save you a £1 on buying it. Although as it is a 5.8MB PDF (with an estimated 17 minutes download at 56k) of 12 full colour pages, I wouldn’t advise you print it…not with the cost of inkjet printing.

But I would advise you read it; well, at least give the front page a glance and read the Ten Reason to vote Liberal Democrat. Here the LibDem’s set out their 10 priorities and how they will pay for it; ‘Our Policies Are Fully Costed’.

  • Put patients first
  • Free personal care when you need it
  • No tuition fees, no top-up fees
  • More investment in children’s early years
  • 10,000 more police on the steets
  • £25 more on the pension every week at 75
  • Free off-peak local transport
  • Axe the Council Tax
  • Restoring Trust: Anti-war
  • Take the environment seriously

“We Liberal Democrats prize freedom of the individual, underpinned by a safety net for the vulnerable, in our society. We are defenders of the public services, free at the point of use. We are internationalist in outlook - pro UN, pro Commonwealth and pro Europe. Our Liberal background makes us wary of an over-mighty state and dedicated to civil liberties. We are enthusiasts for the green agenda” - Charles Kennedy

Now, that I can understand. But later in his introductory letter, Charles goes on about the LDs"new ‘Tough Liberalism’ agenda”? I don’t know if I’d like to be on the receiving end of some ‘Tough Liberalism’.

You can download it here. And you could always comment on it, or any other Sarah Teather, local Liberal Democrat MP, related topic here.