I’ve recieved a reply to my email to the Brent Streetcare team. They acknowledge my request and the Councils contractors will be along to remove the items “over the next few days”.

Not got a specific answer to the question of WHY do I have to print and return this online request. L was saying to me that ‘it never used to be this obfuscated’ and that a single phone call would have sufficied in the past.

L has a good point. What is the point of Brent People Doing It Online if it more time consuming - both for Brent Council and the resident - to process? Perhaps when given the choice online I should have selected the low-tech option and telephoned in my request.

Or perhaps I should just have dumped it. That might have got a response from the Council.

Sarah and Brent Council BOTH want to clean-up our borough. Perhaps they could look at the process and proceedures for the collection of bulky waste; from my experience so far they could do with some tweeking.

So, now I await a collection. Let’s see if the interface between the Council and their third-party contractors works. Then my ex-fridge will cease to lurk in my front garden.