You’ll remember Sarah’s campaign - it is highly memorable after all! Without a hit of sarcasam: when I am walking about Brent and I see the spoil that is illegal fly-tipping I think ‘thats a grot spot that is’.

Well. I recently disposed the aging 1980s 75/25 Fridge/Ice Box monster that lurked in the corner of my kitchen and took delivery of two purring sleek shinning white replacements. So now I have the need for a ‘Special Collection’ from Brent’s Street Care Team.

So, being the online gentleman about teh interweb, I browsed on over to Navigation to the Street Care ‘Bulky Item Collection’ information page was easy - the website is award winning after all!. And what choice! I can telephone in my request OR complete an online form. The latter was completed rapidly.

And then I had to print off the form and send it back to the council. Bugger. Stalled at the final hurdle. And remember folks, Brent People Do It Online ran the poster campaign. Although it would appear that they also do it offline. So, that wonderful, quick and easy FREE communication method has to end up so last century - with a print out stuffed into an envelope and mailed with a second class stamp.

So, while Brent Council are pushing the Big Brent Clean Up and Sarah is asking for Grot Spots reports to clean up “Labours Shame”, my fridge is sitting on my driveway awaiting collection. I’ve submitted a request, and replied to the confirmation email sent by Brent Council with ‘I don’t a printer - what can I do?’ message. let’s see what happens!

(I guess I could always fly-tip it, send a photo to Sarah and time how long it takes to get disposed of….No, that would be illegal.

This story shall be continued…