With the RNC and the DNC being blogged both from the floor and by corporate bandwidth whores and used as sources of discussion here in the UK, I’d have thought that we would have had a few bloggers for the current silly season here within our own shores.

But alas, no. While 37 independent bloggers received press passes for the US Democrat convention, the Liberal Democrat Press Office reports that they have received no enquiries from bloggers.

The conference office for the UK’s Liberal Democrat party told dotJournalism that press accreditation for bloggers has not been on the agenda, but the party does welcome applications. “It’s probably a bit early in this country, but blogging does offer a great deal of promise,” said a spokesperson. “Anyone wishing to apply would have to convince the press office that their application was worthwhile.” - Journalism Dot Com

VOXPOLITICS discussed blogging the UK election season at the end of August. And James Crabtree proclaimed in the Guardian on the 2nd of Sept that the conference season will be blogged! while announcing the setup of conference bloggers dot com. Although it was planned to be ready in time for the Labour conference next week I’m not convinced. Anyway, was another agrigator needed? We’ve already got the UK Poli Blogs setup.

I had expected to see more on the blog front. I thought that Lib Dem Watch would have been there; or that perhaps blogs by the YLDs would have materialised. If I’ve missed your blog, sorry - but let me know about it!

PoliBlogging is growing. And we’re learning more and more and the applications of this kind of communition each day. Next year we’ll probably have a whole swathe of ‘from the floor’ and ‘party/corporate whore’ blogs.

The final word on this subject to James Crabtree:

“It would be even better if the blogging MPs led the way. If Tom Watson and Clive Soley were to blog from the floor, then surely others would follow suit.”