Well, why else would someone call it Operation Gobstoppers? Althought after ‘Grot Spots’, what did I expect?

When you read Sarah’s comments made on the launch of the initiative you’ll notice that she doesn’t use the verb ‘to gob’ once! She uses ‘to spit’! Perhaps it should have been called Operation SpitStopper.

“Being spat at is a horrible thing not only is it totally anti-social it also carries health risks particularly in a place like Brent, which has such a high rate of TB.”

Still, shes right-on with this stopping spitting campaign.

The root of this problem has to live within the person doing the spitting. Next campaign? Morals and Manners classes in schools. Now that would be effective. The need to use CCTV and DNA kits illustrates that we’re just being ‘tough on crime’ rather than ‘tough on the causes of crime’. Unless, of course, part of any punishment received by offenders is for time to be spent at a top Swiss finishing school.