PRAI, FOCI, BELD, ST, BLOG? read on.

I received a mail this afternoon from Tim at Prater Raines Partners. PRAI are the people who developed FOCI, the web content management system used by Sarah and the Brent Lib Dems.

Hi Tim. -)

As CMS go, FOCI is pretty good. There are lots of functions: election graphs, opinion polls, online petitions. Although as I’ve not seen the user interface I can’t comment on it’s easy of use as a tool. I guess the testimonials speak for that. Tim tells me that a survey function is being developed for FOCI and will be made available to all FOCI users as part of a continous program of enhancements, bug fixes and updates to the product.

And all for £50 to setup and £15 per month. First year costs? £230

But over at TypePad, something very similar to FOCI is offered. For around £8 a month (depending on the strength of the Pound over the Dollar) you can get a hosted Moveable Type webblog. And with a couple of months free thrown in if you pay for 12 months in advance, using Typepad would be £150 cheaper than FOCI!

Incidently, PRAI are the same company who are hosting Jody Dunn’s weblog - powered by Moveable Type 3.01D.