Yesterday was a busy day for this blog - 108 page loads for 81 unique vistors (of which, 15 were returning visitors). And no, those stats don’t include me. This doesn’t quite beat the 109 page loads for 66 unique vistors on the 16th of July.

Worth mentioning that several of the unique visitors originate from & - From MPs?

A flurry of posts early this morning. I received an email notification of updates to the Brent East LD website. And when I got there discovered that there were several news items posted over the last few days that I’d not picked up. Did someone forget to send the email notifer out? I checked all my inbound mail and I’d not missed anything.

For £20 you can have dinner with Sarah in September. I can’t make it - Holiday! Charles Kennedy MP and Lord Dholakia, President of the Liberal Democrats will be joining Sarah for an anniversary dinner to mark the Liberal Democrats victory in the Brent East by-election. All funds raised will go towards ‘Sarah Teather MP’s General Election Campaign Fund’.

Here’s my suggestion. Why don’t they all bring some wellies, old clothes and some rubber gloves and clean up some ‘grot spots’ before dinner?