From what I can gather, there are two different options for reporting ‘grot spots’ for action by the local authority.

You can report them to Sarah.


You can report them direct to Brent Council’s Street Care Team.

For street sweeping, you can visit them online to report poor standards of cleanliness. The Street Care team promise they will be rectified within 24 hours. They will ensure that streets and roads are kept tidy, litter bins are emptied on a regular basis and to remove any dead animal from the highway within one hour of it being reported.

Additionally, Brent offer a Free Graffiti Removal for each property in the Borough. StreetCare will clear off graffiti from your property on the first occasion free of charge. After the first occasion, a charge is payable. However, if the graffiti is abusive, Brent will remove it free of charge. The Council offer an excellent one working day response time for graffiti clean-up.

You can read about Brent Councils Clean Up Campaign in the July / August issue of The Brent Magazine. A PDF of the article is available online for those that](!OpenDocument) glossies that drop through their door.

Still no metrics on performance though. Can anyone confirm the Brent Council 24 hour response time?

Perhaps a challange should be set.

Spot a ‘grot spot’? ( I still can’t beleive I’m typing those letters ) How about report it to Sarah and Brent Council? See which one get’s back to you first!

To make the challange fair I suggest that you email your ‘grot spot’ to both the StreetCare team and Sarahs' Clean Up Brent email address. Let us know who is quickest to respond to your report.