Last update to Brent & Brent East Lib Dem website? June 14th

Last update to Sarah Teather’s website (which is, incidently, exactly the same static content as the B&BE LD website)? June 14th

So, it’s been over a month since Sarah or the Brent East Lib Dem’s updated their site. Is that because there is nothing to announce? And if so, just what has my MP been up to and where?

We know where she was on the evening of the 8th….

On the 10th of July I know that Sarah was in Birmingham visiting Nicola Davies, the Lib Dem candidate in the Birmingham Hodge Hill by-election. While in Birmingham, Sarah had “that Brent East feeling” - I hope that means that she was homesick and desperate to return to her “constituency of great vibrancy and diversity”.

And again, on the 13th, Sarah is in Birmingham. Well, according to The Scotsman anyway.

She’s not been seen in my local rag - but then again, I can’t see the wood (local news) for the trees (estate agents and mobile phone suppliers ads) in those publications.

So, my question of the moment is: where is my MP?

£5 paid to first email to sarah_teather AT robdyke DOT com (i think you all know how to work teh interweb) with a confirmed sighting of Sarah in Brent East! (photo evidence required - camera phone anyone?)

Looking through I can see that she’s asked a few questions of other MPs; questioning NHS employment figures, spending on education and playground safety in Brent & Brent East. She’s also been asking questions regarding Israel and Palestine. Glad to know she’s still working for Brent, even if she’s not here much.