The NS NMA 2004"…focus on how new media technology is used to make a difference in public life. The key themes of this year’s awards are “innovation, efficiency and modernisation”. We intend to award those who have really achieved something good for society through the use of information communications technology."


So, who is up for an award?

Wholly worthy of highlighting is non-other than Tim Ireland aka Bloggerheads, nominated for a Community and Information Award. Those in the know will recognise Tim as the source of inspiration for this and many many many many many other weblogs for/on behalf of MPs.

“While Tim Ireland is my son, I feel that anyone who has been responsible for(a) forcing a Prime Minister to open an e-mail site WHERE HE CAN BE CONTACTED and(b) advocating and setting up the first politician’s weblog site (Tom Watson’s site) is worthy of any award. As well, the number of his ideas which have been pirated or plagiarised by journalists, (mostly without due credit being paid) are numerous.I am proud that he his intellect has been recognised, but disgusted about the level of intellectual honesty in journalism. I am very proud of my son’s accomplishments in these areas and so I wish to add my nomination. Don Ireland”

A number of our elected representatives have also been nominated for awards, including Tom Watson MP.

““I got into weblogs,” says Watson, “because, like most MPs, I had one of those dreadful, static websites. I’d get on a platform, say the party line and put up a big photograph of myself with my phone number that said ‘talk to me’. Nobody did. Nobody ever does. Because it’s very, very boring.” He finds the weblog liberating; he says it allows his writing to be both “light and serious”. He now has more than 500 visitors a day, including lobby journalists, reporters from his constituency, and local people seeking help on local issues.” - from N.S.

As far as I’m aware, the awards are given out tonight. Announcements to follow!