Following up on those missing speeches…

Dear Mr Dyke,

Thank you very much for your e-mail about the two debates that Sarah took part in the week before last.

You mentioned that you had looked on Hansard and for the debates but couldn’t find them. Both debates took place on Tuesday 22nd June in Westminster Hall, which is separate from the main chamber of the House of Commons. Speeches made in Westminster Hall are still recorded in Hansard but are in a different section, which might account for why you could not locate them in the online Hansard. does not yet have links to either Westminster Hall debates or House of Lords debates, and so Sarah’s speeches were unfortunately not recorded on their website. Coincidentally and as an aside, I was in touch with the site’s author last week and he has told me that he is trying to get the links established.

I am attaching a link by which you can access the relevant section of the online Hansard for Sarah’s debates. The first debate is the Muslim Communities one, and the second, Education in Brent (which Sarah had called), is further down:

I hope that this is helpful.

Kind Regards,

Dominic Curran