Yesterday, the ‘Brent & Brent East Liberal Democrats team’ automailer sent me a content update for their website.

Today’s content in brief from the Brent & Brent East Liberal Democrats web site: Articles posted to the site today:

  • Fighting Discrimination against Muslims by Sarah Teather in Hansard, speech by Sarah Teather MP in Houses of Parliament
  • Teather Calls for Fairer Funding for Brent Schools by Sarah Teather MP in Hansard, speech by Sarah Teather in the House of Commons

While speeches made by Sarah in the House are important, does posting a copy of the Hansard transcript of her address (along with the same photo that accompanied her maiden speech but with a different strap line) actually qualify as news?

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is Sarah “speaking up for the people of Brent” in November 2003. Compare the picture on that ‘news’ article, with the one for Sarah “speaking in a debnate about discrimination against Muslims in Britain”(and yes, that is their spelling).

Enough about the crappy reuse of stock photos…On to the more meaty bits…

As I’m blogging on and around the subject of what my local MP get’s up to while she works for me, it is important that I read these ‘news’ postings and the articles that are posted to the Lib Dem’s website. As the articles posted are both of speeches made in Parliment, after reading them I decided to read them in context.

But I can’t find them anywhere in Hansard

Searching for ‘who’s speaking?’ surname=teather between 30/06/04 and 3/07/04 yields no results…Using the easier search tool at doesn’t show any activity from Sarah since the 28/06/04…

So what’s going on? Time to Fax [My] MP for some answers!