Is a special edition of the program. It will be produced by the winners of the BBC Schools Question Time Challenge.

“Schools Question Time Challenge is a UK-wide scheme, supported by BT in association with the Institute for Citizenship and by the BBC, to help pupils develop their citizenship and communication skills by producing local School Question Time events.”

Along with the head of the National Union of Students, the panel will include Sarah Teather! So, I’m trying to get in the audience so I can ask a question about weblogs for MPs - let’s find out what Sarah thinks about this and other blogs. It should be a good show. Sarah is anti top-up fee’s and promotes the extension of suffrage to 16-18 year olds - all good stuff for encouraging and supporting young people.

The show aims to have an audience of 14-25 year olds - I encourage all of you in that age group to come along! Sign up here.