“Bloggerheads is creating mayhem. Sarah Teather is my MP. She isn’t but you know what I mean”

Bloggerheads a.k.a. Tim Ireland began the ‘blog for your MP’ crusade with his blog for Tim Yeo. I found out about Bloggerheads and TheyWorkForYou through a long chain of email lists, conventions, links and sites, that all started as a dinner meeting email follow-up from the loverly DH.

Is Bloggerheads “creating mayhem”? Or are he encouraging involvement from a turned-off nation by nurturing the dying embers of democracy into a fire of activism and engagement with politics.

I know why I’m doing this blog.

I want politicians to know that it’s true. I’m the one they’re accountable to while in office. I don’t even have to have voted for them or agree with them or their parties political point of view; our political compass will continue to point in the same direction after all.

I’m an advocate of democracy. I’m an advocate of participation. I’m an advocate of accountability. So I’m going to carry on watching, reporting, commenting, web-logging. Not ‘on behalf of’ but FOR. I’m not against Sarah Teather, the Liberal Democrats or the British political system. I will be sure that my voice is heard.

I hear you say often that you’re not turned on to politics. Well, let me bring to bear the lessons of history. If you’re not turned on to politics, the lesson of history is that politics will turn on you. - Ralph Nader

I’m turned on to politics.