New nodes increasing coverage... technology solutions for members... problems with banking...

The occasional blogging of the growth of a wireless community. New nodes increasing coverage… technology solutions for members… problems with banking… New nodes. We’ve installed two further nodes in the Queen’s Park area; Donaldson Road and Hopefield Avenue. Coverage in these locals will be strong and we’ll be getting in touch with all those in the area who have sent us expressions of interest to advise them that the service is available....

December 13, 2004 · 2 min · Rob Dyke

Progressing, developing, growing

The QPWC is live. We are currently working on the final few elements of the club formation and then all you prospective members can start signing up. The equipment used to connect home desktop PC’s will be arriving with Comwifinet early next week, along with the hardware for more network nodes to increase coverage and quality of service in area. Also, a colaborative self-assistance forum will go live early next week....

October 22, 2004 · 1 min · Rob Dyke

News from the launch

Feeed Pro, our technology partners, posted a news article on the launch of the QPWC. You can read it here

September 16, 2004 · 1 min · Rob Dyke


The Queen’s Park Wireless Club launched on Sunday at the Queen’s Park Day. And now comwifinet is live too… Updates to Sarah Teather Is My MP coming this week - she’s been busy; I’ve gotta catch up.

September 14, 2004 · 1 min · Rob Dyke

Getting yourself online

Order a beer from the Salusbury, maybe a slice of pizza from the deli, or take a seat with an eat from Baker and Spice… Open your laptop. Power up your PDA. Set up your WiFi connection. The name (SSID) of the QPWC network is ‘COMWIFINET’ (there are a few additional characters, but you’ll see it). Open your web browser and got to a website. You’ll get redirected to a splash screen showing a login....

September 14, 2004 · 1 min · Rob Dyke