about me

I grow teams to build and run cloud services that are aligned with the security, resilience and quality expectations of the business. I achieve this by setting clear engineering goals and actively fostering a culture of transparency, learning and continuous improvement.

I am currently Chief Platform Engineer at Capgemini, leading the UK Cloud and Edge Engineering Chapter. Recently I was securing cloudy fintech automagically at Vanquis Bank; previously hacking NHS IT better.


Chief Platform Engineer, Capgemini, Current role

Accountable for assisting clients in understanding, adopting and exploiting platform automation and engineering.

Responsible for UK Cloud Platform Engineers, driving standardisation, policies and best practice across all platform engagements.

Lead cross-functional engineering projects building supportable, sustainable and reliable platform services.

Lead Engineer - Cloud Transformation, Vanquis Bank, Apr 2019 - Feb 2020

Product Owner and Technical Authority for Cloud Transformation programme.

  • Defined cloud governance controls achieving a compliant, secure, cost-effective and resilient Azure estate.
  • Reduced Azure spend by £400k (20% saving) by refactoring workloads.
  • Improved security posture with secure-by-design Azure landing zone using Blueprints and NIST policy.
  • Increased cloud skills across Technology group (~180 people) with 50% achieving AZ900 certification.
  • Manager of Data Platform Team and Operations Team (~15 engineers).

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, SLaM NHS Trust, Oct 2018 - Mar 2019

Engaged by CIO of Trust to remediate technical debt on a high-profile digital patient safety project.

  • Setup multi-cloud CI/CD pipeline using AWS for build and test, and deploy to Azure.
  • Identified bottlenecks in the application architecture by adding Promethus & Grafana to the build pipeline and implementing load simulation tests.
  • Remediated performance and stability problems caused by poor SQL queries and framework components.
  • Improved user experience by optimising CSS rendering for mobile and print.
  • Documented hand-offs between Operations Team and 3rd-party Delivery team and coached incident response practices.
  • Dockerised and automated testing for User Acceptance and Change Approval processes using Travis-CI.
  • Containerised the application stack and deployed to Azure using ACS.

Head of Engineering, Inidus, Dec 2017 - Oct 2018

Led engineering of platform for digital health and care services using open source and open standards. My design was adopted by NHS Digital as the blueprint for the Open Platform Definition.

  • Engineered platform built on openStack, deployed with Terraform, using custom VM images created with Packer, and shared storage on glusterFS.
  • Containerised applications deployed to Docker Swarm using Ansible.
  • Dockerised third-party applications developed in Angular, React, Java, Python and Livecode.
  • Created developer toolkits based on Docker and Vagrant (e.g. livecode-community-server)
  • Built CI pipeline using Travis-CI

Co-Founder, Neova Health, Sept 2008 - Dec 2017

Co-founder of a healthcare technology company that became internationally recognised for its open source nursing application ‘open-eObs’, an e-observations and ward management platform for Acute and Mental Health hospitals.

open-eObs was widely acknowledged as an exemplar open source project in health and social care. NHS England included case studies on open-eObs in the prospectus for Tech Fund award initiatives (2012 and 2014) and over £1m was awarded to Trusts to adopt it. Open-eObs is central to the Global Digital Exemplar program at South London and Maudsley (2017) and most recently attracted £800k in grant awards from Innovate UK (2019).

  • Recruited 10 developers and supported professional development with agile / continuous appraisals.
  • Wrote successful bids for Govt Innovation Challenge Funds: Interoperability Toolkit (£100k), Information Sharing Challenge Fund (£100k), and Safer Wards, Safer Hospitals (£200k).
  • Contributor to NHS England’s Technology Strategy on the use of open source.
  • Contributor to NHS England’s healthcare app policy, reviewing technical assurance methodology.

Lead Engineer, NHoS (an OS for the NHS), Jan 2017 - Jan 2018

In the wake of Wannacrypt I created an open-source desktop operating system based on Ubuntu for the NHS. I demonstrated NHoS to NHS England CIO & CISO, urging them to consider Microsoft alternatives following cyber-attacks.

  • Led 15+ member developer community.
  • Setup multi-cloud CI/CD build chain using AWS for packages and Packet/Scaleway for baremetal.
  • Published nightly builds of ISO image from CI/CD pipeline using Travis-CI.
  • Engineered a solution to run Windows clinical systems within Ubuntu using hidden Vagent boxes and seamless RDP (video).
  • Proved that the NHS Smartcard Identity Agent could be cross-platform by reverse engineering the smartcard library and embedded certificates (video / article)
  • Won major funding from NHS Code4Health & Apperta Foundation
  • Reported in The Register and EU Open Source Observatory


Agile (Kanban / SCRUM)

Quality Assurance (Gherkin, BDD, TDD)

Continuous Improvement (LEAN / 6Sigma)


Cloud (openStack, Azure, AWS)

Infrastructure (Packer, Terraform, Ansible)


BA (First Class) in Politics, Goldsmiths University, 2005 – 2008

Dissertation “Hacking The Networked Society” (PDF)

Early Career Summary

Consultant, Digital Health Intelligence, Since May 2016

  • Contributor to articles on open-source in healthcare and peer-review of editoral content.
  • Replatformed failing ‘home-brew’ CMS to Wordpress on AWS, migrating 10540 articles with zero data loss.

Co-Founder, HANDI Health, May 2012 - Apr 2014

  • Consultant on reference architecture for NHS England digital roadmap.
  • Mentoring of health-tech start-ups with TechUK