The Labour Action Team have some hot Election Information for the citizens of Brent – they are ernestly distributing glossy colour A4 ‘Election Information’,erm, leaflets? newsletters? I don’t know what you’d call it. The glossy reminded us it was important for us to vote and we were not to be talked out of it by anyone. What was intersting was the lack of a logo. These materials where not branded Labour – the logos and the slogunogos were missing too.

Labour Voting Guide Front Page

The glossy is part of a series of an infoglossation campaign that Labour hope will get picked up and read by the voters in Brent. The leafet shows in ernest several of the acheivements of the Labour Council in Brent over the last electoral terms. It devotes a full page to making a contrast with Liberal Democrat and Conservative councils accross London.

Labour Voting Guide Centre Page

Some times it is better not to make a contrast however. In attempting to show that the Liberal Democrats are soft on crime a comparison is made between the shamefully low 26 AntiSocialBehaviourOrders issued in Lib Dem controlled Islington and the not much tougher 33 issued by our Labour Council here in Brent over the same time period.

Team Red highlight the following acheivement areas in this leaflet: recycling, but not green issues in any wider sense; quality of environment as street care along with education results and access to learning resources.

The Labour public information machine knows no bounds and more leaflets are promised over the coming weeks. I’m already looking forward to the next one – it looks like it will be called ‘Your voting guide to the next four years’